Visit a few Belgian bars and one thing that might stand out - aside from the vast choice of beer - is the selection of glasses to serve it all in.

You could be mistaken for thinking this is an obvious way to attract attention in a busy bar, in a county already busy with beer varieties…but the reason for our eclectic glassware is more about substance than style.

With every Belgian beer comes a specially designed glass – to balance the flavour, guide the distribution of bubbles, keep the beer’s head as it should be for longer…the list goes on. Each unique glass design is crafted with almost as much care as the beer itself.

There are some areas of agreement when it comes to choosing a shape – a flute glass enhances carbonation, suiting many lambics and red ales, while a tulip shaped glass helps support a large, frothy head. A goblet or chalice shaped glass, something along the lines of Heverlee’s glass, maintains the ideal 2 cm head (watch out for this after your Heverlee is beheaded) and the wide rim offers a good sip for the perfect dose of flavour.

Sure it might be beautiful, but when it comes to glassware for Belgian beer - it’s not all about looks. 

Posted by JORIS