Frites and waffles. Simple but perfect Belgian delicacies, yes – but certainly not the only speciality you will come across when dining in the country.

If you’re looking for a Belgian dish to pair with your next pint of Heverlee, check out the seafood side of the menu – a portion of mussels may just hit the mark. It is Belgium’s national dish, after all.

Mussels are widely enjoyed across Belgium – uniquely so, as the white wine you might normally find in the French version of moules frites is replaced with Belgian beer, adding flavour to a savoury, cream based stock, with celery, leeks and onions. Even better with home grown ingredients – maybe it’s time to introduce a Heverlee infused dish made with vegetables grown in the grounds of Park Abbey, Heverlee’s original home!

 As I write, we’re fast approaching mussel season (September – February) and I’m already looking forward to ordering this dish at one of my favourite bars in Lueven – Domus, for example, serves fantastic mussels (and a truly great selection of good beer).

Add a side of fries, some mayonnaise and of course a beer on the side and that’s what I call Belgian food perfection. Try some with your next Heverlee.


Posted by Joris