I was interested (if surprised) to learn recently of an unusual celebration of Belgian produce - a campaign designed to encourage Belgian people to be more proud of their beer. As a Belgian in the beer industry myself, it’s certainly one of the things I’m most proud of!

After reading further, it began to make more sense, with the Confederation of Belgian Brewers (CBB – a confederation I myself have been part of since the mid-1990’s) noting that Belgians often see their beer as an everyday commodity. With over 1,000 beer varieties available, is it a case of people being spoilt for choice?

Could it be that some Belgians take for granted the wonderful produce so freely available to them?

The campaign will soon launch, with ambassadors around the world singing the praises of my country’s delicious tipple; from a chef in America highlighting the depth of flavour Belgian beer can add to a dish, to beer lovers in France and China adding their voices to share what they love about this intriguing and complex drinks category.

As someone who travels all over, pitching Heverlee Beer to bars in far flung corners of the world - Sydney and Chicago were my more recent visits and they loved Heverlee - I’m delighted to see that an international audience are championing the Belgian pint. Although with plenty of beer tourism opportunities in Leuven (including a Heverlee Beer bar, coming soon to Park Abbey), it’s my opinion that the Belgian people are pretty good at shouting out about it too!

Posted by Joris