I love that the unexpected is celebrated in Belgium. In a place where forgotten beers like Heverlee can be discovered in ancient Abbeys and fries are served with mayonnaise instead of ketchup (to the amazement of a character in one of my favourite Quentin Tarantino films) you would think I’d be used to it – but it still takes me by surprise now and again.

The town of Doel is a place that does just that. It was once a forgotten ghost town, but it’s been cleverly reinvented and brought back to life in a different form, with colour and imagination.

To prevent the town being torn down, locals drafted in graffiti artists to brighten the place up and create an unlikely attraction…although a little off the beaten track of Belgium’s fantastic brewery tours. I myself think it’s more of an open air art gallery than abandoned suburban town – which is exactly what the area’s 25 residents set out to achieve.


Posted by Joris