Now the warmer days are finally upon us, would an on-the-spot beer delivery go down nicely? I certainly wouldn’t say no!

If you’re in the city centre somewhere in Scotland this summer, keep an eye out for a fleet of blue, Belgian bikes, hitting the streets to deliver vouchers for a pint on me at a nearby bar.

Whether it’s a celebratory drink to mark a happy day, a pick-me-up, a post-work pint…whatever the reason, anyone who tweets on a day the HeverleeSent bikes are out could be next for a surprise delivery. The bikers will be scanning Twitter for those who could do with a beer - the people they chat with will help decide their next stop. Quite a good return, as far as tweets go…

Edinburgh and Glasgow have already had a taste of HeverleeSent, but watch out for the next round of events on Twitter (follow @heverleebeer)…they’ll be a welcome sight on hot summer days.

Posted by Joris