I believe surprises are important. Sometimes the little, unexpected moments that make you smile are more memorable than grand plans. So it’s no coincidence that this is a firm part of the Heverlee ethos…bringing a little taste of Belgium to you where you least expect it.

Last month I watched on (from Belgium!) as our HeverleeSent bikes took to the streets in Glasgow with a little surprise for people in the city centre. Scanning Twitter to find those in need of a pick me up or anyone looking to toast a celebration, our bikers came to the rescue with vouchers for a pint on us (or a handsome Heverlee glass) to many a Glaswegian on the street.

We cheered up students cramming hard for exams, motivated office workers looking forward to the weekend, congratulated new jobs, welcomed visitors off trains and planes, popped in to see the Glasgow 2014 team – and even swung by a radio station to help quench a radio DJ’s thirst after a chatty shift.

Thanks for having us Glasgow!

While the HeverleeSent bikers were trying to make you smile, you in turn brought a smile to my face. Keeping up with the updates on Twitter made my day – cheers!

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Posted by Joris