I can appreciate good craftsmanship in whatever form – whether it’s the simple beheading of a perfectly poured pint or a breath-taking sculpture, brought to life by an artist.

Recently art lovers in Glasgow were offered a little of both, when Le Tour continued, bringing a little taste of Belgium to an enthusiastic crowd.

The Heverlee team gladly took on the challenge of working hard to serve the 700 strong crowd their pints. Obviously word had spread about this ambitious exhibition, bringing a mix of modern and historical 3D art back to the forefront after years of being left unseen in long-term storage…some pieces had not been available for the public to view in two decades! Belgium is also home to many great sculptures, so this must-see exhibition in Glasgow reinforced my belief that Scotland and my country are kindred in their creativity.

Being part of this occasion tapped deep into Heverlee’s mission to pop up in unexpected places and share unforgettable moments with new friends. I know for those who attended and saw the works on display (be it a new discovery or something very familiar indeed) it was a truly outstanding Friday night. Cheers to that!

Posted by Joris