While beer brewing is prevalent throughout Belgium, there is one thriving hub; Leuven, otherwise known as the world’s beer capital. If you love beer, add a pilgrimage to Leuven to your bucket-list.

Associated with beer for centuries, beer culture lives on in the city which was previously home to more than 30 breweries and is now a centre for relaxed beer cafes and restaurants serving up dish after dish of beer-infused recipes and glass after glass of local brews.

The city is also just a short walk (or bike ride if you want to keep it local) from The Abbey of the Order of Premontre, the home of Heverlee!

Live life like a local

Should you take that pilgrimage to Leuven, we want you to feel at home. And it won’t hurt to impress your friends at the same time. So here are some tips to help you along…


Flemish Dutch is the official language in Leuven and you’ll want to toast the health of your companions. Simply raise your glass and say ‘Op uw gezondheid’ to do just that.

Food pairings…

Red meat like beef, lamb and venison work well with darker Abbey beers, while pale Belgian ales makes a great accompaniment with chicken, fish, seafood and even our country’s famous frites! When it comes to desert, the fruity flavours in a Lambic beer pair nicely with chocolate, ice cream or a cheese board. To fully immerse yourself in the world of food-beer pairings The Brewmaster’s Table makes a good read for beer lovers world-wide.

Asking for a pint…

Ask for a "pintje" by sticking up your pinky at the bar. So easy when the place is noisy!

Later this year you’ll be able to enjoy a Heverlee Beer in a new bar just a short walk from Leuven. Our Abbey’s café bar will open in the summer…giving you just enough time to practise your pinky gesture before we meet you there for a pint.

Posted by Joris