As a master brewer, I get asked a lot about food pairings for beer. Once the prevalence of wine tasting, it’s now a pleasure to see so many people get interested in the best foods to sample on the side of their beer of choice. Bar food specifically adapted to complement beer and cheese pairings is a growing food trend, which I don’t expect to go away any time soon.

It’s not always easy to answer, because I have of course got lots of different advice for the many varieties of beers in Belgium, but one of my tips is not based on personal opinion but on science! Foodpairing® demonstrates the best foods to have alongside the many beers on and all pairings are calculated objectively. A great tool to inspire your guests while enjoying a wonderful beer pairing dinner!

A gem of a find, Foodparing® is so much more than a website; it can be more aptly described as an online discovery tool, throwing up countless unexpected combinations to enjoy with a vast database of food types. So good at food pairing is this outstanding little Belgian company, that they are doing breakthrough work with top chefs. Another great output from Belgium!

A quick search of a popular Belgian beer throw ups everything from fresh pineapple to clams, coconut and coffee flavours as suitable accompaniments – rather unexpected, but totally wonderful when put to the test. Waffles and frites certainly do go down nicely with a Heverlee Beer, but can you imagine the possibilities when the things that ‘should’ go together are thrown aside?

And rather than just suggest what to eat on the side of your beer, the tool will often break down the reasons two unexpected food types match.

My favourite combinations yet have got to include the following


Belgian beer and lemongrass

USA bagel topped with fresh mushroom and beetroot

Cucumber and chocolate

Melon, mushroom and pecan


What do you snack on when you’re sipping a pint? Give Foodpairing a try, and don’t forget to tweet me to let us know what you come up with...@JorisBrams @HeverleeBeer

Posted by Joris