Looking for refreshment this summer? It’s my pleasure to present to you the limited edition new Heverlee Witte (pronounced Vi-tte by Belgians) - the first seasonal beer Heverlee will bring to the bar.

Heverlee Witte is a wheat beer inspired by the rare Vogelmelk flower, found only in the grounds of our home, Park Abbey.

Brewed using a mix of malted and unmalted wheat for a smooth, creamy head, the beer is medium bodied and slightly fruity in flavour, with top notes of citrus orange and hints of cloves and other aromatic spices.

White (wheat) beers are a Belgian institution and the art of brewing them has been in our culture for centuries. Historically brewers would craft wheat beers specifically for summer, to offer people a refreshing alternative to their usual pint in warmer weather.

The launch of Heverlee Witte will give Scotland another authentic taste of Belgium this summer, with some brilliant events lined up to make the introduction in true Belgian style.

We’re sending a fleet of HeverleeSent white bikes to the city centre of Glasgow and Edinburgh to deliver a bottle to those looking to celebrate summer (or commiserate the lack of it) with a continental twist.  We’ll also bring Heverlee Witte to events including the Siempre Summer Solstic BBQ Garden party and a pop up ‘fixie shop’ at the Brotique, as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling.

You can find Heverlee Witte in selected bars this summer, so be sure to check the website and Twitter for details. @HeverleeBeer

Posted by JORIS