Many Belgian beers have a long and unexpected backstory.

Take Heverlee for example, once a pioneering Abbey beer brewed specifically for workers.  But not all beers have as long a history as the one recently found on a shipwreck, which has now been recreated by Belgian scientists.

A great demonstration of the creativity which exists in Belgian brewing, a team of scientists have rescued bottles a 19th century Belgian beer from a shipwreck found off the coast of Finland.

After spending 172 years 50 metres under water, this beer is said to be back on the market after research on the micro-organisms found in the bottle, allowing the yeast and bacteria to be identified and sourced once again to create a modern day version.

The beer will be available through the Finnish brewery Stalhagen, at a cost of £89 a bottle – not cheap! It will be interesting to try it - but even more interesting to see if this inspires further research to bring forgotten beers to the bar once again.




Image credit: Bobthemast

Posted by JORIS