Have you tried the ‘find a pint’ tool to search for your nearest Heverlee yet? Whenever I’m in Scotland, visiting the bars which pour Heverlee take me to some great new places. Cafe culture is a big deal in Belgium – and I’m always on the lookout for places with atmosphere, knowledgeable yet laid back bar staff and of course, a fantastic selection of international beers.

 Sometimes unexpected locations lead to the best nights, so if you’re on the lookout for somewhere new to try, why not make a point of having your next Heverlee somewhere different? These are just some of the places you’ll find a perfectly poured pint of Heverlee in:


Beer Cafe Glasgow

In the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant city is a bar which reports Heverlee as one of its most popular pints. A flattering comment, considering the bar serves over 100 world beers. The variety here is quite spectacular; you can sip a pint from every corner of the world. The friendly owners Kevin and Gerry will happily help you make a decision though - and the pies served go rather nicely with a beer.


Crafters Barn

Now this bar is something special – with its relaxed atmosphere and rustic Belgian theme, serving up Heverlee alongside some fantastic Belgian food. Think fish stews, with creamy beer infused sauce and mussels. Delicious...and inspired by travels in Belgium.


The George Hotel

A short drive from Scotland’s seafood capital, Loch Fyne, is The George Hotel, where you can sample a Heverlee aside a bowl of Belgian’s national dish – mussels and fries. The best of Belgium meets the best of Scotland. And it’s all served inside this bustling, cosy venue.


Clarks on Lindsay Street

If live music is your ideal side order with a beer then Clarks is a good place to sample a Heverlee. Good food, good local music and good global beers. And that’s before I even get to the friendly crowd!


Posted by Joris