In a case of good news for international football fans like myself - a Glasgow beer café has taken the world champion of beer (Belgium, of course) and pitched it against some other international offerings to introduce a unique platter. You can probably guess who I'm backing, but what will the people of Glasgow think about the taste profiles of other premium beers from qualifying countries?

Beer Café, based in the Merchant City area of Glasgow, has partnered with Heverlee to offer the taster tray, giving international football fans the chance to check out the odds of Belgium against other strong contenders in the beer world.

Our friend Kevin Febers, co-owner of Beer Café, carefully selected the beers on the tray based on customer favourites at the bar, which stocks almost 100 world beers.

Here's what Kevin had to say about each:

Belgium: Heverlee       

"Like the Belgian international team, this authentic Belgian beer has quickly made a lasting impression. It may be a new to Scotland, but it's a rediscovered original, dating back to beers first brewed by the monks in medieval times."

USA: Samuel Adams      

"A very nice lager from Boston. It has a distinctive amber colour with a citrus and caramel balance. A nice outsider!"

Germany: Sion Kölsch

“From Germany we have a crisp, hoppy lager with citrus and herbs. A distinctive, dry beer from a firm football favourite.”

Brazil: Brahma 

“A pale refreshing lager, sometimes served with lime to add a bit of zest but we prefer to serve it without. It is well known across the world due to its success in Brazil, just like its football team.”


The taster tray will be available to groups of four friends from Tuesday 17 June - the date of the first Belgian match - in Beer Café, 78 Candleriggs, Glasgow, G1 1TS


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Posted by Joris