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It's got the edge

Heverlee is a Premium Pilsner Lager, brewed at 4.4%. When poured and skimmed to perfection, Heverlee is a crisp, refreshing lager worth savouring.

It's got the edge


Why do we skim Heverlee? Well, skimming helps keep the head bitter and the beer sweet, so you can enjoy that crisp and refreshing taste of Heverlee. Every pint, every time.

A pilsner worth discovering

Only the finest ingredients are used to brew Heverlee, including the Noble Saaz hops – one of the most expensive in the world. This gives our lager subtle sweetness from the malt and maize mash, with the distinct bitter aroma of Saaz.

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Hints of tropical fruit and a slightly sweet cereal


Distinct hints of sweetcorn, coupled with a drying malty character and light bitterness


Lingering, crisp and warming finish, with a subtle note of sweetness

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